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My name is Brenda Colbath  I am the author of these fictional books.

My reason for writing them is because I enjoy it and my hope is others will appreciate

reading them.

When I read the bios of writers it gives me pause, as to why I have the audacity to even submit this book for your consideration.   Don’t get me wrong I love to write! I need to write!  I will continue to write even if you never contact me to publish.  I cannot tell stories or jokes verbally worth a hoot, but when I write down my thoughts they are much clearer.

I used to have many notebooks filled with my writing from High School many years ago. All of them burned up in our 100 year old farm house.  I drove my teacher crazy because I never would finish a story in the 5 pages of “Random Notes” that we were required to do every week.  I always made him wait for the next chapter until next week.    He was one of many that told me to “do something about your writing”, so here is my first effort.

This story is about a Professional Realtor that learned the business the hard way, by getting in the trenches and mucking about.   It was written a little tongue in cheek but with some insight into the underbelly of the Real Estate Profession from the 70’s to the near present.   Some of the events were taken from real life and some of the people were real.   I have saved some juicy stuff for later books as you know truth is stranger than fiction.  Some of the Realtors might be able to recognize themselves, but probably not as most of us use revisionist history in remembering our past.

I was a professional Realtor for 30 years and met some of the characters first hand and some are made up out of whole cloth.  My education  consisted of High School and Real Estate College courses, and raising two great children, with my one and only husband of 55 years.

Brenda's Books

To Look inside or to purchase one of Brendsbooks, click on it.

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